Monday, November 23, 2015

A new Arabic Book about Greek and Roman Mythology

I've come across a picture of the cover of a new Arabic book about Greek and Roman Mythology. The book is written by Dr. Joussif Khalil and titledقصص الأساطير اليونانية والرومانية  i.e. "Narratives of the Greek and Roman Mythology". Unfortunately, I was not able to have the content of this book. Whenever I do this I will post it here. Here is the book cover.

Index of open access Arabic Scientific periodicals

An Index of open access Arabic scientific periodical, called Directory of Free Arab Journals and abbreviated as DFAJ, is now available online (

Thursday, November 19, 2015

PELLA: Coinage of the Kings of Macedonia


PELLA is a project of the American Numismatic Society directed by Dr. Peter van Alfen. The web database, based on the Numishare platform, has been developed by Ethan Gruber.

Substantial work in developing PELLA has been carried out by Prof. Andrew Meadows (Oxford University). Cynthia Cheng, Yoorim Choi, Sylvia Czander, Clara Sanchez, and Elena Ferrero provided considerable assistance in organizing material within the ANS collection. Alan Roche is responsible for the photographs of ANS coins. At the British Museum, Martin Price, former Curator of Greek coins, was instrumental in cataloguing this material. Amelia Dowler is the British Museum's current curator of this series. Prof. Bernhard Weisser and Dr. Karsten Dahmen have done the same at the Münzkabinett of the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin.

Current contributors to the project are the ANS, the Münzkabinett of the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, and the British Museum.

Translations have been provided by the following:
German: Karsten Dahmen
French: Frédérique Duyrat


EAGLE 1st Short Storytelling Contest | EAGLE Portal

Deadline: January 15, 2016
We’re looking for short stories! Think you can write a winning story in 2500 words or less? Enter the 1st EAGLE Short Story Contest for your chance to win Euro Amazon Voucher for up to 200 Euross, get published in EAGLE Portal and Storytelling Application and participate in the EAGLE 2016 Conference! Stories must be related to one (or more) of the inscriptions featured in one (or more) of the EAGLE Collections. Stories can be in English or any other European language, as long as you provide a 250 word abstract in English. Stories must be accessible to the public and must make use of as much multimedia (music, videos, interactive presentations, linked open data) as possible. Authors are strongly encouraged to make use of the Storytelling App. Examples can be found here.

Prizes and more see here, EAGLE 1st Short Storytelling Contest | EAGLE Portal

EAGLE Portal

The EAGLE, The Europeana network of Ancient Greek and Latin Epigraphy, will collect, in a single readily-searchable database, more than 1.5 million items, currently scattered across 25 EU countries, as well as the east and south Mediterranean. 

More about it, see here Who we are | EAGLE Portal

Call for papers to Digital Approaches and the Ancient World

Posted in Digital classicist's email-list by Gabriel Bodard.

Digital Approaches and the Ancient World
A themed issue of the _Bulletin of the Institute of Classical Studies_

Gabriel Bodard (University of London)
Yanne Broux (KU Leuven)
Ségolène Tarte (University of Oxford)

Call for papers:
We invite colleagues all around the world and at all stages of their careers to submit papers on the topic of “Digital Approaches and the Ancient World” to a themed issue of the Bulletin of the Institute of Classical Studies. The topic is to be construed as widely as possible, to include not only the history, archaeology, language, literature and thought of the ancient and late antique Mediterranean world, but also of antiquity more widely, potentially including, for example, South and East Asian, Sub-Saharan African or Pre-Columbian American history. Digital approaches may also vary widely, to include methodologies from the digital humanities and information studies, quantitative methods from the hard sciences, or other innovative and transdisciplinary themes.

Papers will be fully peer reviewed and selected for inclusion based not only on their research quality and significance, but especially on their ability to engage profoundly both with classics/history academic readers, and scholars from digital or informatic disciplines. We are keen to see papers that clearly lay out their disciplinary and interdisciplinary methodological approaches, and present and interpret the full range of scholarly and practical outcomes of their research.

We encourage the use of and direct reference to open online datasets in your papers. BICS is not currently an open access publication, but self-archiving of pre-press papers is permitted, and the editors believe in the transparency and accountability that comes with basing scientific work on open data.

To submit an article to this themed issue, please send your full paper of 4,000–8,000 words in Microsoft Word doc, docx or rtf format, to <>, along with a 150 word abstract, by January 31, 2016. You do not need to follow BICS style for the initial submission, but please note that the final version of accepted articles will need to be formatted to adhere to our style guide (

If you have any questions about this issue, please feel free to contact any of the editors informally.

Dr Gabriel BODARD
Reader in Digital Classics

Institute of Classical Studies
University of London
Senate House
Malet Street
London WC1E 7HU

T: +44 (0)20 78628752

PhD position in Classical Archaeology and Ancient History - Uppsala University, Sweden

PhD position in Classical Archaeology and Ancient History - Uppsala University, Sweden

The successful eligible to postgraduate studies in Classical Archaeology and Ancient History at Uppsala University has a) a first degree encompassing at least 180 credits, b) has passed and completed the undergraduate courses A, B and C in Classical Archaeology and Ancient History, and c) has been awarded a degree at advanced level with a major in Classical Archaeology and Ancient History. An applicant may also be considered qualified if s/he has acquired the corresponding competence in other ways in Sweden or abroad.

The application should include copies of a Master thesis, a brief CV, exam certificates, a research plan of c. 4-5 pages, and any publications.
For information and regulations, see Högskoleförordningen kap. 5, 8 och 9, the guidelines for PhD education of Uppsala University and those of the Historical-Philosophical Faculty at

Information on the PhD education programme in Classical Archaeology and Ancient History can be found at (Swedish only).

For more information, please contact the director of post-graduate studies, professor Neil Price, phone 018-471 2073, head of department Lars Karlsson, phone 018-471 7552, and the faculty head of education Anna Sofia Hedberg,, phone 018-471 6982.

Deadline for application is January 6, 2016. dnr UFV-PA 2015/3078.

We decline offers of recruitment and advertising help. We only accept the application the way described in the advertisement.

Placement: Department of Archaeology and Ancient History

Type of employment: Full time , PhD placement

Number of positions: 1

Working hours: 100%

Town: Uppsala

County: Uppsala län

Country: Sweden

Union representative: Carin Söderhäll, TCO/ST 018-471 1997 1
Per Sundman, Saco-rådet 018-471 1485 1
Stefan Djurström, Seko 018-471 3315 1

Number of reference: UFV-PA 2015/3078

Last application date: 2016-01-06

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Rachel Mairs gives a seminar about Archaeologists and Language in Petrie

Rachel Mairs (University of Reading) will give a seminar jointly organised by the Institute's History of Archaeology Research Network and the UCL Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology on 19 November.


This paper explores the engagement - or lack of engagement - of nineteenth and early twentieth century archaeologists in Egypt and Mesopotamia with the Arabic language.  From Flinders Petrie, who believed that anyone who couldn't pick up Arabic simply wasn't trying hard enough, to Max Mallowan, who had to deal with a junior colleague's excuse that he had 'lost his Arabic book', attitudes to language shaped archaeologists' experience of the Middle East - and the local population's experiences of them.
All welcome!
Any enquiries about the event may be directed to Amara Thornton.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Some photos of my Talk about "Eurocentricity in Papyrology" in Leipzig

Three photos from my Talk about Eurocentricity in Papyrology: the case of papyri and papyrology in Egypt in a digital age. The talk was part of #DhEgypt2015 held in Leipzig from 3-6.11.2015.

Arabic Homer's Verses (A German paper)

أبيات الشعر العربية لمنقول عن هوميروس شاعر اليونان.

I wasn't aware of this reference, but my colleague Greg Schwendner, has sent it to me. It could also be downloaded from this link.

Thanks, Greg.

The Hardt Foundation's research scholarship

.منحة بحثية قصيرة المدى. التفاصيل أنظرالرابط فى الأسفل

The Hardt Foundation for the Study of Classical Antiquity, in pursuit of its ambition to promote the 
study of the culture and civilization of Greco-Roman antiquity, offers young researchers an opportunity to apply for research scholarships covering stays of two to four weeks. Applications are not accepted for the months of July and August.

Areas of research supported are Greek and Latin language and literature, ancient history, ancient philosophy and ancient law. The aim of the research stay is the publication of articles, books or other written contributions.

up to 35 years of age at the time of application
PhD candidate (2nd year, at least) or post-doctoral researcher

This programme is funded by a Genevan private foundation and other sponsors.

Conditions of application for scholarships

vHMML: Resources for Manuscript Studies

vHMML: Resources for Manuscript Studies


vHMML offers researchers at every level of experience the resources and tools they need to work with manuscripts. vHMML will ultimately cover several manuscript cultures from Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia. It makes abundant use of high-resolution images of manuscripts from libraries around the world, many of them digitized as part of HMML’s mission to preserve and share important, endangered, and inaccessible manuscript collections through digital photography, archiving, and cataloging. To learn more about this project, please click here:

موقع "مصادر لدراسة المخطوطات" يقدم للباحثين على مختلف خبراتهم المصادر والأدوات التى يحتاجونها فى تعاملهم مع المخطوطات. سوف يغطى الموقع العديد من اللغات الممثلة فى المخطوطات سواء من أوربا أو أفريقيا أو من الشرق الأوسط أو من جنوب أسيا. ولسوف يوفر الموقع صور عالية الجودة للمخطوطات المعروضة من العديد من المكتبات حول العالم، وهى الصورة التى رُقمنت كجزء من رسالة  متحف ومكتبة مخطوطات هيل لحفظ و نشر العديد من المخطوطات العامة والمعرضة للخطر و التى لا يمكن الوصول إليها ، وذلك من خلال رقمنة هذه المخطوطات فوتوغرافيا ( أى تصويرها بتقنية التصوير عالى الجودة) وأرشفتها و فهرستها. 

للمزيد حول هذا الموقع أدخل هنا :