Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Ovid's Amores into Arabic

I am so happy to report that Ovid's Amores is finally translated into Arabic by the Egyptian latinist Dr. Alaa Saber of Cairo University. Dr. Alaa himself has posted this news to his Facebook account. The translation is published in 2016 by the National Center of Translation (NCT) and revised by Dr. Abdel Moaty Shaarawy. The Arabic translation of the three books' edition that has come down to us is proceeded by an extensive introduction, as one can see from the table of contents attached to this post.

He has also give us an image of the book cover and a beautiful excerpt of the translation; Ov. Am. 1.9-15

لقد كنت ذات مرة أخاف من الليل 
وأشباحه الفارغة. كنت أعجب كيف
يجرؤ شخص ما على المشى فى الظلام 
ضحك "كيوبيد" فى أذنى ، ومعه أمه 
الحانية ، وقال بلطف : "أنت أيضاً ستكون شجاعاً !"
وجاء الحب بدون تأخير ، بأشباح لا 
تهرب من الليل ، ولم تستخدم الأسلجة 
لتدفع عن قدرى ، مع ذلك لا أشعر بالخوف ،
إننى أخاف منك أنت فقط ...
At quondam noctem simulacraque vana timebam;

10 Mirabar, tenebris quisquis iturus erat.

     Risit, ut audirem, tenera cum matre Cupido

     Et leviter 'fies tu quoque fortis' ait.

     Nec mora, venit amor — non umbras nocte volantis,

     Non timeo strictas in mea fata manus.

15 Te nimium lentum timeo ...