Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Virgil, Aeneid into Arabic

Arabic posses now two direct translations of Virgil, Aeneid from Latin :

1- Abdelmoty Sharaway et alli  have translated Virgil, Aeneid  for the first time ever directly into Arabic . The transitions appeared in 1971  (Books 1-6)  and 1977 (Books 7-12) in Egyptian General Organization for Composing und Publishing, Cairo (Egypt). In 2011 the National Center of Translation has issued a second edition of translation. 

2-Mahmoud A. Alghoul, a Palestinian translator, has single-handedly translated Virgil, Aeneid from Latin into Arabic. The translation is published last year 2015 in Kalima Translations, Abu Dhabi (UAE). If you would like to have a copy of this translation, order it from here (in Arabic) : https://books.tcaabudhabi.ae/ar/external/pages/bookdetail.aspx?key=14481