Monday, March 28, 2016

Updated Checklist of the Egyptian Museum's Unpublished Greek Papyri

In 2011 I published the first version of the Checklist of the Egyptian Museum's Unpublished Greek Papyri, for short "Cairo Checklist". My colleague Alain Martin, has accepted kindly to put this in the website of the International Society of Papyrologists,  see here

Since then I have been updating this checklist regularly, but when I became very busy with my PhD by 2014, I stopped working on it. I think it is worthwhile to publish it now in my bog, in order to make it available to all my colleagues who wants to keep track of the Egyptian Museum's unpublished as well as published pieces. This updated version is of 2014, see here

It is a work in progress, as stated in the checklist, so if any one has any additions, corrections, or comments, please send them to me in my email :