Sunday, September 21, 2014

Taha Hussein's Book : The Future of Culture in Egypt, a free pdf download

Hendawi Foundation is putting online many important Arabic books in Pdf, Kindle, and ePUB format. One of these books is Taha Hussein's " The Future of  Culture in Egypt". The book in my view is better to be called "The Future of Education in Egypt", since he propose to integrate Greek and Latin not only to the secondary schools, but also in many departments in the Egyptian Universities.  His call is up-till now remains completely unfulfilled. The Egyptian universities are still in the process of the implementation of his Nr. 1 idea i.e. Greek and Latin departments. No secondary school whatsoever in Egypt teach Greek or Latin, neither there are full integration of these languages in the departments of the universities in which they are mostly needed e.g. in The faculties of Law !

The book could be downloaded through this link.