Monday, September 8, 2014

Students studying Greek and Latin in Egyptian Universities

Greek and Latin  languages are introduced for students  in Egypt only in universities.These two languages are not taught in secondary schools. During their study students of classics, ancient history, Philosophy ,classical archaeology, English and sometimes German are taught the grammar of these two languages. It goes without saying that students of classics are the only ones who learn  the grammar of these two languages in their first and second semesters and continue to learn intensively their syntax, philology and texts throughout their studies. The other students learn their grammar in various stages of their study program, sometimes in the last semester.

     The total number of students who learn Greek and Latin for the first time in Egypt is estimated to be thousands, but accurate and documented numbers are lacking in this regard. I'm trying to collect these information for the last year 2013/2014 from my colleagues who teach these languages in their class rooms in Ain Shams, Cairo , Alexandria and other universities across the country.

Here is a list where one can find course descriptions ( in Arabic) of Greek and Latin in Egyptian Universities ( I will continue to update this list as long as I find new material online)

  1. Cairo University: Greek and Latin, Second Semester, 4 h.w.  (
  2.  Ain Shams University: Greek and Latin, First semester, 4 h.w. (
  3. Alexandria University, no information available online(