Thursday, July 31, 2014

Βάτραχοι of Aristophanes performed in Arabic (audio in You Tube)

The Greek play frogs or Βάτραχοι of Aristophanes performed by numbers of famous Egyptians actors like Abdelrahman Abouzahra and Mohamed Eldefrawy. The performance is based on an Arabic translation done by the late Dr. Mohamed S. Khafaga. It was broadcasted by Cairo Public Radio (the cultural program). An extensive introduction to the play precede the recorded performance (from minutes 1-13).

The audio is available from the through this link. It is also to be found on the official channel of the Egyptian Radio in You Tube.

Πέρσαι of Aeschylus performed in Arabic (audio only)

The Persians of Aeschylus performed by numbers of famous Egyptians actors based on the translation of late Dr. Ibrahim Sokar. It was broadcast by Cairo Public Radio ( the cultural program) along with a very lengthy introduction.

The audio is available from the through this link.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Greek Literature in Alexandria: The Bucolic Poetry by Mohamed S. Khafaga

It seems that will continue to surprises me: Another introductory book about the Bucolic Poetry by Mohamed s. Khafaga, the head of the department of Classics in Cairo university titled:

Greek Literature in Alexandria: The Bucolic Poetry, Mohamed S. Khafaga,without publication's date.

The book is available also in Follow this link.

Who is who in Greek and Roman Mythology (in Arabic), by Amin Salama

I didn't know that such a book is available for the Arabic students of  Classics.

Who is who in Greek and Roman Mythology by Amin Salama, Cairo, 2nd Edition, 1988.

The book is available in pdf format in Follow this link

معجم الأعلام فى الأساطير اليونانية والرومانية، أمين سلامة. 

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Sophokles Tragedies into Arabic by Abdel Rahman Badawi

A translation into Arabic for all Sophokles' Tragedies by Abdel Rahaman Badawi probably published in Lebanon. No further information about this book.

Ancient Greek Grammar

Grammar of The Ancient Greek Language (in two parts), by Monira Karawan, Adel El-Nahas, and Alaa Saber ( an Arabic Translation of A First Greek Course, by W.L. Donaldson, Cambridge University Press 1960).

TV Interview with Prof. Dr. Abdelmoety Sharawy.

An Interview in Arabic with Prof. Dr. Sharawy avaiable in youtube about the modern cutlure in Egypt (in Arabic).

Latin Grammar (1948)

Latin Grammar by Mohamed Mahmoud el-Salamoni, Jack Joseph Cohen and Abdellatif Ahmed Ali (1948). The book was revised by the pioneer of Classical studies in Egypt Taha Husein and Mohamed Selim Salem The founder of the department in Ain Shams Univerisity.

As for Jack Joseph Cohen, I'm not sure if he is the same Jack Joseph Cohen who was born on March 21, 1919 in Brooklyn, New York. This Jack is said to be graduated from Brooklyn College in 1940. At The Jewish Theological Seminary he received a Doctor of Hebrew Letters in 1940, and rabbinic ordination in 1943. for more on this person, see this website of the JTS ( Jewish Theological Seminary Library, New Work) through this link.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Medea into Arabic

The translation of Medea into Arabic was done by Kamal Mamdouh Hamdy in 1974 ! Here is the cover of the book.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Cairo University's Department of Greek and Latin Studies: 10th Conference

2015 Department of Greek and Latin Studies  10th Conference    

Individual and Society in Greek & Latin Lyric Poetry
and its Echoes in Modern Times
Saturday 8 - Monday 10 March 2015

The Department of Greek and Latin Studies at the University of Cairo will host its 10th biennial conference in March 2015 .  Plenary lectures , presentations and papers will be held on campus in the Faculty's Conference Room . Accommodation and meals will also be pro­vided on campus.
We welcome proposals for papers (20 minutes long followed by discussions) and coordinated panels (comprising either 3 or 4 papers) from graduate students, academic staff, or others interested in the ancient world on the topics suggested below .
Suggested topics:

1- Roots of Lyric Poetry :
·      in Epic Poetry .
·      in Didactic Poetry .
2- Solo Lyric Poetry (Monody) :
·      Terpander - Sappho - Alcaeus - Anacreon ….. etc.
3- Choral Lyric Poetry :
·      Alcman - Ibycus - Simonides - Corinna - Pindar – Bacchylides….. etc.
4- Dithyramb :
5- Choral Odes in Greek Drama :
·      Their nature and functions .

6- Alexandrian Lyric Poetry :
·      The Epigrammatists : Asclepiades - Hedylus - Posidippus - Callimachus - Theocritus - Dioscorides .
7- Compilation and Classification of Classical Lyric Poetry in Alexandria .
8- Lyricism in Ancient Latin Literature :
·      Livius Andronicus - Ennius - Naevius - Accius - Pacuvius .
9- The Origins of Roman Drama and Roman Lyric Legacy :
·      Versus Fescennini - Satura - Fabula Atellana - Mimus (Fabula Riciniata).
10- Lyricism in Roman Comedy :
·      Plautus - Terence .
11- Latin Lyric Poetry in the Golden Age :
·      Catullus - Horace - Ovid . The Elegists : Gallus - Tibullus - Propertius .
12- The Influence of Sappho and the Alexandrian Lyric Poets (esp.Calli-
       machus) on Latin Lyric Poetry .
13- Latin Lyric Poetry in the Silver Age .
14- Lyricism in Seneca’s Tragedies .
15- The Influence of Greek and Latin Lyric Poetry on Modern European
        Literatures in Greece , Italy , France , Britain , Spain , Germany … etc .
16- The Echoes of Greek and Latin Lyric Poetry in Modern Arab Poetry :
·      The School of Apollo - Abdelwahhab Elbayyati - Salah Abdelsabour - Adonis - Nezar Qabbani … etc .
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