Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Future of Classical Studies in Egypt by Prof. Dr. Tarek M. Radawn

Some years ago Prof. Dr. Tarek M. Radawn of Al-Azahar University had published an article entitled "The Computer, Modern Technologies and the Future of Classical Studies in Egypt", Bulletin of the Center of Papyrological Studies ( Ain Shams Uuniversity), Vol. (?), pp. (?)  The article was intended as a guide to the Arabic student/research in the filed of Classics how to adjust his computer as well as his research for the digital age. No other work has since then addressed this problem ( in the Arabic sphere), therefore the Department of Greek and Latin Studies in Cairo university has produced an online version of this paper ( with some links to the stated websites) to maximize the availability of this valuable paper. The online version of this paper could be accessed through this link.